person: do u watch anime

me: image


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らくがき詰め5 by むぶ on pixiv
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Nothing is more awesome than finding super unique Free People clothing at ridiculously cheap prices 🙏✨
"I’m going to work on my cosplay today!"
someone who did not work on their cosplay that day (via paleships)

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it’s so frustrating when your fic ideas are bigger than your writing abilities 

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My hair is so on point today 👌✨
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らくがき by のら on pixiv
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After a long day of being barefoot and being my leveled up self, I for sure needed to wash my feet


my hobbies include eating and complaining that i’m getting fat

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Btw I make a really hot guy if I do say so myself.

Moondoggie jumpsuit is almost done! Just the helmet is left!
If you’ll be at otakon 2014 my friend (who is being jumpsuit renton) and I will be there so keep an eye out for us!
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Kawaii neeee?✨